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Information on Privacy Policy

The Statistics Korea Secretariat for the 6th OECD World Forum will collect, provide and use the personal information of participants to provide services for the online reservation system ( operated by the Secretariat. The Policy is available on the website mentioned above and can be amended pursuant to changes to the applicable laws, regulations and guidelines relating to the protection of personal information and changes in Statistics Korea policy. We do not use your personal information for any purpose other than that set forth herein or disclose such information to any third party without the consent of the participant.

1. Definition

1) "Services" refer to various services available for the smooth registration, reservation, preparation and operation of accommodation and tour programs.

2) “We” refer to the Statistics Korea Secretariat for the 6th OECD World Forum.

3) "Users" refers to those who use the "Services".

4) "Online Reservation System" refers to the online services which enable the "Users" to reserve accommodations, and/or tour programs, and the "Users" may submit relevant personal information, such as contact information, passport information, flight information and so on.

2. Effect and revision of agreement

The provisions in the Agreement shall go into effect as notified on the "Online Reservation System". The "We," if necessary, may modify or revise the provisions in the Agreement with 7 days' prior notice, and the "Users" may not accept the provision by not agreeing or providing personal information, and "Services" offered by the "Online Reservation System" can be limited in that case. For matters not specified under the Agreement, laws or regulations and commercial practice of the Republic of Korea are applied.

3. Items of personal information collected and method of collection

Personal information may be collected to provide the "Service" to the "Users."

1) Items of Personal Information Collected

  • Personal Information provided by "Users": ID, password, name, country, organisation, telephone No., mobile phone No., photo, etc.
  • The Information Collected in the Course of Using Services or Processing Business: Service usage record, connecting log, cookies and IP address, etc.
  • Payment-related Information: Credit card type, credit card number, CVC number, expiration date, credit card holder’s name (exactly as on card), etc.

2) Method of Collection

  • Website, administration form, fax, telephone, e-mail
  • Information provided by cooperative partners and organisations
  • Tools collecting generated information

4. Provision and entrustment of personal information

We do not provide personal information to any external party without consent from the users. However, we may outsource personal information processing services to external company/organisation to facilitate and improve our services. In relation to the processing of personal information, we outsource such tasks as set out below providers and, when executing outsourcing contracts with them, take measures necessary to ensure security in the management of personal information. Further, information processed through outsourcing arrangements is limited to the minimum information necessary to facilitate provision of our services.

Provision and entrustment of personal informatio
Entrusted Company/Organisation Purpose


INTERCOM Convention Services, Inc.

Kim’s Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Grace Travel

Sheraton Grand Incheon

Oakwood Premier Incheon

Orakai Songdo Park Hotel

Gyeong Won Jae Ambassador Hotel

Songdo Central Park Hotel

Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo

Sky Park City

Ramada Songdo

Paradise City Hotel


Co-host Organiszation

Event Coordinator

Official Housing Bureau

Tour Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Accommodation Operation

Website Service, Online Reservation Operation

Also, in case it is required by the law and regulations, the collected personal information may be shared. Some of the cases are as follows:

  • Required by the law and regulations or requested by investigation agencies according to the process and method specified by the law and regulations for investigative purposes
  • Required for the purpose of statistics or academic studies in the format where the individual is unidentifiable
  • In circumstances where the "Users" or their legal guardians are unable to give prior consent (due to unknown address, etc.), but the "Users" or a third party needs personal information urgently to protect his/her personal safety
  • In case it is required to confirm identification of attendees

5. Retention, duration of use and destruction of personal information

As a general rule, we retain and use participant’s personal information while he/she uses our services, and once the purposes of collection and use of the personal information are achieved, it is without delay destroyed; provided that the following information, wholly or partly, may be retained for such duration for such reasons as set out below:

  • Record of misuse
    • Reason: prevention of misuse
    • Period: 1 year
  • Record on agreement or withdrawal of subscription
    • Reason: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions
    • Period: 5 years
  • Record on payment and supply of the Service
    • Reason: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions
    • Period: 5 years
  • Record on settlement of customer complaints or conflict
    • Reason: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions
    • Period: 3 years
  • Record on website visits
    • Reason: Communication Privacy Protection Act
    • Period: 3 months

Your personal information will be destroyed without delay if the purposes of collection and use of personal information are achieved. If printed on paper, your personal information will be destroyed by shredding or incinerating the paper documents or otherwise and, if saved in the form of electronic files, your personal information will be destroyed by technical means making the records non-reproducible.

6. Rights and responsibilities of the "users"

1) "Users" may at any time withdraw the consent to the collection, use, and provision of personal information. The consent can be withdrawn by email. We will take necessary measures to handle withdrawal requests without delay, unless otherwise required to be deferred pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, and to the terms and conditions set forth by us. The "Services" can be limited..

2) "Users" have obligations to protect your own personal information, and we are in no event responsible for any issues or problems arising out of the leak of personal information caused by your own negligence, online use and the like.

  • You are responsible to keep your ID, password and so on securely protected. You should not assign or lend any of them to a third party.
  • After using our services, you should log out from your account and close the web browser.
  • You must comply with all laws and regulations concerning personal information, including but not limited to the IC Network Act, the Data Protection Act, and the Resident Registration Act.

3) The "Users" have the responsibility to provide correct and accurate information. We are not responsible for the disadvantage and/or limitation of the Service caused by the incorrect information submitted by the "Users."

7. Our efforts to protect personal information

We, the Statistics Korea Secretariat for the 6th OECD World Forum, in handling your personal information, take the following technical/managerial safeguards to ensure your personal information secure from loss, theft, leak, falsification or destruction:

  • Encryption of Personal Information: Your personal information, such as credit card numbers, will be, after encrypted by safe password algorithms, kept and managed.
  • We limit the number of people who handle personal information to the minimum level necessary and impress on them the importance of protection of personal data through managerial safeguards, including but not limited to their training.

8. Personal information manager

For protecting the "Users" information and managing their complaints regarding such information, we have designated a personal information manager as follows.

<Personal information manager>
  • Organisation: The Statistics Korea Secretariat for the 6th OECD World Forum
  • Name: Jungsu Choi
  • Position: Head of Secretariat for the 6th OECD World Forum
  • Organisation: The Statistics Korea Secretariat for the 6th OECD World Forum
  • Name: Youngsim Jeong
  • Tel: +82-42-489-2924
  • Email:

Contact the organisations shown below to file reports or seek consultation for other privacy infringements.

  • Privacy Infringement Report Center ( / Phone no. 118)
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Unit, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( / Phone no. 1301)
  • Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency ( / Phone no. 182)

Please contact the personal information manager or administrator if you have any questions regarding your personal information.

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