Copyright policy

We implement a copyright protection policy to protect the contents of all services provided by "OECD World Forum (Preparation and) Planning Team" (hereinafter referred to as "services") and not to violate the rights of others, such copyrights. Please check and be informed of the copyright protection policies in order not to infringe on others' rights.
  • A copyright on responses, materials (including computer programs), photos, pictures, figures, videos, music and journal articles (hereinafter referred to as "posts") made by the users and posted or registered on the service are considered to belong to the publisher. If the posts violate others' copyrights and intellectual property rights, the publisher must take all the responsibilities for his/her actions.
  • Using others' original work by copying, distributing, transmitting all or some of their work without express consent of the creator is a violation of the creator's rights. You should not upload or register posts that infringe on the creators' copyrights by copying, distributing, or transmitting others' original work.
  • If the posts have been referred to others' original work and if the referred parts are used not to support the users' idea but to form a core part of the contents, you should not upload or register the posts on the service without express consent from the copyright holder, since it is assumed to be a copyright infringement regardless of the indication of the sources.
  • "OECD World Forum (Preparation and) Planning Team" do not assume any responsibility when the users infringe on others' intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights and design rights in the process of the service use.
  • "Incheon Tourism Organization" do not guarantee the accuracy of the posts since the posts on the service are published by the users for knowledge sharing among the users.
  • "OECD World Forum (Preparation and) Planning Team" will not intervene or be involved in the consent procedure in the use of the posts among the members.
  • "OECD World Forum (Preparation and) Planning Team" will delete the posts and notify the publisher later if there is a request from the copyright holder or if the contents of the posts are assumed to infringe on copyrights.
  • Copyright policy is subject to change according to changes in related laws or government guidelines and it is mandatory to upload posts which are not created by "OECD World Forum (Preparation and) Planning Team" with a prior consent from a copyright holder.
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